Sunday, August 16, 2009

The clever old man (Part 3)

Part 3 of 4
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The thugs immediately went to the field and tried to catch hold of the deer, but the deer ran away. The thugs realised now that the old man had made a fool of them. They paid compensation to the owner of the field for the damage and returned home. Now it was their turn to settle scores with the old man.
But the old man was thoroughly prepared to take on the thugs. He brought 2 pestles home and instructed his wife, "When I strike you with one pestle, pretend to die. Then I will strike you with the other and you will get up. At dinner time, serve the thugs good food and me plain food.
After giving these instructionS to his wife, the old man went to the field.
After some time, the thugs came to his home and asked his wife where he was. Soon, they reached the field. The old man received them warmly and brought them home with him. The old woman served them the dinner as the old man had told her.
Then the old man pretended to appear angry and hit her hard with a pestle. The old woman fell flat as dead. The thugs stood up leaving their food. Then the old man spoke, "This ill-natured woman gets killed by me almost every month. But never mind, I will bring her back to life." Thus the woman was struck by the old man second time and to everybody’s surprise got up as if nothing had happened to her.
Ihe thugs watched the drama and became coveted to buy those pestles. The old man sold those pestles rather reluctantly for another 4,000 silver coins
Back home, the thugs struck their wives hard with pestle which made them unconscious. Then they struck them again with the second pestle. But the women did not get up. They had died.
The thugs performed last rites of their wives and then decided to kill the old man. They went to the field where he was working and tied him in a sheet. The old man asked them what they were upto. Then they told him that they intended to throw him in a well.
The old man had not lost his wits yet. He told them, "The farmers around are irrigating their fields. If you throw me in the well at this hour, they are sure to take me out. Better, wait till night falls."
The thugs believed him once again. They put the big bundle near the bushes and went away.
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