Sunday, June 21, 2009

Secret of a Flying Saucer (Part 2 of 3)

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"But Baba, if this trouble from the sky falls down,the entire jungle will finish. No worships will help at that time," when Bhalu, the Bear said, Jhaptu Wolf got conscious.
Jhaptu replied, "If you don't believe me, don't pay me the money." Sher, The Lion King was worried at the condition of his jungle. Calling a meeting he decided that birds would find out what this flying bird-like creature was all about.
Samdi, the Eagle, pigeon, parrot, crow - all started making excuses with the fear of loosing their lives on going near the saucer. "All of you are cowards. If I could fly, I would have gone near it long ago to find out," Haathi, the Elephant said in the meeting. "If so, we birds will drop it down from the skies. I hope then you will solely handle it?" when Samdi, the eagle asked, Haathi started looking down.
Sher, the king called for Khargosh, the Rabbit. "You are sensible. You suggest something." Thinking for some time Khargosh narrated his plan. He called for a strong basket and after tying it up with a strong rope, fastened it to Samdi, the eagle's claws. Khargosh, the rabbit sat in the basket. Samdi, the eagle flew to the skies. They reached near the flying saucer. The saucer, made of glazed paper, had a lamp lighted in it which made it glow at night. A hydrogen gas lamp was tied to it. As the gas was finishing, the balloon was descending with the saucer and so it was appearing bigger.
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