Thursday, December 24, 2009

Billa, the cat, Learns a Lesson- part 3

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Pillu and Pilli became nervous to see their father screaming and crying. They were searching in vain for the button to stop the machine. Billa's shrieks were turning louder with every passing moment.
Pillu and Pilli could not bear their father's agony for long. Feeling helpless, they too started crying.
Luckily, Rashmi and her parents returned home. Mummy saw the kittens crying near the machine and was alarmed. She, immediately rushed to the machine and saw Billa,the cat, moving inside it. She switched off the machine and took Billa out of it. The cat was half-dead due to exhaustion, Rashmi's mother laid it in the sun. Pillu and Pilli followed her and started circling around their father.
Rashmi's mother did not like the cat and her kittens but today she could not help pitying them. She brought a bowl full of hot milk and placed it before Billa. Billa drank it and felt better. He looked at Rashmi's mother with eyes full of gratitude. Then she walked away with her kids.
Billa had learnt a lesson from this incident. He would not touch the things, he is not familiar
with, he decided. He altogether stopped indulging in pranks. Rashmi's mother too became friendly towards them after the incident. She would even offer them milk now and then. The 2 families had indeed become friends after the incident.
The End

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