Thursday, December 24, 2009

Billa, the cat, Learns a Lesson- part 2

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Pillu and Pilli came near the washing machine and peeped inside it. They grew scared. "Daddy, I will not go in it. I am feeling scared," Pillu said.
"Daddy even I am scared of it," Pilli said in a trembling voice.
"But what makes you so scared?" Billa asked.
"Who knows if there is a wooden hammer fitted in it like that of a washerman which is used to beat the clothes," Pillu said.
"Yes, Daddy, if that wooden hammer strikes us 2-4 times, we would be finished," Pilli said.
"Oh, nothing of the sort will happen. The clothes just move in a circle and get cleaned. In fact, you would enjoy this movement which is like swaying here to there in a swing," Billa said smiling.
Thus Billa tried to persuade Pillu and Pilli to get cleaned in the machine, but Pillu and Pilli remained reluctant. At last, Billa said, "All right. Let me get cleaned myself first. That will remove your fear. Okay?"
"All right," Pillu and Pilli said.
Billa went inside the machine and spoke, "Now press the button."
Pillu pressed the button. A peculiar noise was produced and the machine started. The motor moved in circles, with which Billa also started moving. In the beginning, the machine moved slowly and Billa enjoyed himself. But as soon as it picked up speed, Billa became nervous. He lost his balance and fell down. Before he could collect himself, the machine started moving in the reverse direction. Now Billa appeared miserable. The machine would now rotate
him in one direction and then in the reverse direction, turn by turn. The washing machine which he considered like the ride at disneyland was all set to stir him to death, he feared.
"Oh my God, please stop the machine, or I will die," Billa cried.
"Daddy, but how to stop it?" Pillu asked desperately.
"Press the other button to stop it. It must be somewhere near the first button,"
saying, Billa burst into tears.
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