Thursday, December 24, 2009

Billa, the cat, Learns a Lesson- part 1

Billa, the cat, was very mischievous. He would run from here to there throughout the day. This caused anxiety for Rashmi's mother. She
would place the milk inside the cupboard and take every care to keep it beyond Billa's reach.
However Billa would sniff here and there and find out where it was lying and finish it in no time.
Billi was Billa's wife. Billi had given birth to 2 kittens recently. Billa named them as Pillu and Pilli. Now they were grown and the family of 4 had made Mummy miserable. Billa had even taught his kids to open the refrigerator. Now Pillu and Pilli would keep the door of the fridge open. They would also enter and eat the things kept inside it.
It took Rashmi's mother quite long before she knew how the things disappeared from inside the fridge. Then one day, she caught the 4 stealing red-handed. From that day onwards she kept her fridge locked.
One day, Rashmi's mother prepared a plum cake. The aroma of the plum cake spread all around the house. Having finished the preparation, Rashmi's mother went to call Rashmi and her father. In the meantime Billa, Billi, Pillu and Pilli reached there. They lifted up the cake and carried it to the roof. There, they sung "Happy birthday" and finished the cake.
Last week, Rashmi's father had purchased a washing machine. Rashmi's mummy would put dirty clothes in it and press the start button. The machine would clean the clothes in no time. It saved the family lots of efforts. Billa watched the washing machine cleaning the clothes with curiosity. One day, when Rashmi and her parents were out, Billa told his kids, "Pillu and Pilli come, let me wash you in the machine."
"Do you want to wash us in the machine? Suppose we get caught inside the motor, then what will you do?" Pillu was worried.
"Don't worry. Nothing will happen. This is a good machine. They wash rough jeans as well as soft woollens in it." Billa was confident.
Pilli, too had the information. "Yes, the other day when Rashmi got her new white sweater soiled, his mother washed it in the machine. After washing, it came out shining," she said.
"Yes. I want you to come out cleaner with your fur shining. Come, get inside the machine," Billa was in a hurry.
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