Friday, September 11, 2009

Langoor Becomes Trustworthy (Part 1)

Part 1 of 2
Langoor, the monkey, was a famous for spreading rumours. It did not take him long to make a hill out of a mole. The animals of the Jungle were fed up of him for this habit.
One day, his neighbour Bhalu Bear was cooking food when one of the article in the kitchen caught fire. Langoor immediately, ran here and there and told everybody that Bhalu got his house afire. The animals ran towards his house to find everything okay. Then they became annoyed and scolded Langoor for bothering them unnecessarily. But Langoor was very thick skinned. Nothing seemed to affect him.
Langoor's friends, too, avoided him for his habit of spreading rumours. Nobody wanted to play with him.
Thus he was forced to spend his time all alone.
His parents would often advise him to mend his ways. He listened to them and would behave accordingly for 1-2 days. But soon he would resume his boastfulness.
One day, after the school the children gathered in the nearby ground. They decided to play hideand-seek. Langoor saw the children assembling, so he also went there. "I will also play," he said. But nobody was willing to listen to him.
"Hey, listen to me, I want to play the game, too," he said.
"But we don’t want to play with you", said Ghadha, the Donkey.
"But why? What makes you people isolate me? Am I so bad?"
But his pleadings fell on deaf ears. Then Langoor requested with folded hands, "please, let me join you in the game." Now his friends felt pity on him.
"But there is a condition that you will keep your mouth shut," Ragdu Jackal said.
"All right. I will do as you p1ease" Langoor agreed.
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