Friday, September 11, 2009

Langoor Becomes Trustworthy (Part 2)

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Soon, they started playing hide and seek in the ground which was surrounded by big trees. Everybody was in look out for a place where he would hide unseen and win the game.
First, it was the turn of Hathi, the Elephant, to seek those hiding. He had to count 1 to 20 with his eyes closed. Others were supposed to hide themselves in the meantime. Then Hathi would open his eyes and search them.
Hathi started counting. Rest of them went hiding themselves in the nearby trees and bushes. Having counted 20, Hathi started his search. Soon, he found all of them. But Langoor Monkey was nowhere to be found, for he had hidden himself between the leafy branches of a big neem tree. He was waiting there with bated breath. He could not even utter a word lest his friends would be annoyed. This was the condition they had put before permitting him to play with them.
The friends waited for Langoor for quite some tijavascript:void(0)me. After that they all went to their respective homes. Langoor was not aware of this. Now there was perfect silence all through the ground.
After waiting for long, Langoor became restless. It was time to go home, he thought and was about to climb down from the tree when he happened to see 3 animals, their faces covered with cloths, walking towards the tree. Langoor wondered, "What on earth are they atter, at this flour." to langoor's surprise they started digging the ground under the tree. One of them spoke, "Let us dump the stolen stuff inside this pit. We will dig it out in the morning and distribute ourselves."
The 3 thieves dug the pit and buried the stuff. Then they spread the earth evenly over the pit and went away. The thieves were not aware that Langoor, the Monkey, watched them bury the stolen things.
After they left, Langoor came down. He stood there for some time wondering what to do with the stolen things and how to get the thieves arrested. Then something occurred to him.
He went straight away to Commander Cheetah's house and narrated the incident to him. The Commander did not believe him in the beginning for he was aware of Langoor’s habit of rumours. But later when Langoor swore that he was speaking truth and insisted to take action accordingly, then he believed him.
Next day, the soldiers awaited the thieves hiding in the trees when they reached the spot and started digging the pit. The Commander gave the whistle and the soldiers came out instantly. The thieves were caught. The stolen stuff was also seized.
The Commander asked the soldiers to remove the covers from the faces of the thieves. Everybody was taken aback for the thieves were no one else but the residents of the very forest - Lomdi Jackal, Foxy the Fox and Wolfy the Wolf and Commander Cheetah congratulated Langoor Monkey and patted his back affectionately for it was his wisdom that had helped him catch the thieves.
Now nobody in the forest was annoyed with Langoor. His friends even welcomed him to play with
them. Langoor, at last, became a trustworthy individual.

End of Story

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